Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Monster Turkey Day

I've always loved great big old monster turkeys on Thanksgiving. I hope you do too.

Nothing like spending time with the family at the old homestead in Virginia. It's a little gray today, but otherwise quite pleasant and probably good for a big old walk in the spooky woods this afternoon.

Making great progress on my upcoming scary project. Met with the cover artist on Monday to yak about graphic details.

Hope that whets your appetites....


David Niall Wilson said...

Which scary project? Graphics? I love graphics. Katie is chanting in the corner and making dire predictions about the fate of the world if she gets no mail (:


Mark Rainey said...

Well, more along the lines of a compilation of many words for upcoming thingy, but I suspect there may be a very frightened mailman in your neighborhood in the not-too-distant future.