Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Times and Good Byes

Caching along the Dan River with Krazi Tribe, Mrs Death, and Snoopinaround
It was quite the weekend for gathering with good friends and hunting caches. I found my 1,500th on Friday evening, albeit solo. Yesterday, Mrs Death and I went to Martinsville, met up with our friends Scott & Chandres & children (a.k.a. Krazi Tribe) and Ed (a.k.a. Kuykenew), and then headed over to Danville and Chatham to claim a bunch. Soon as we arrive at the Dan River, who should we run into but friend and fellow cacher from NC, Caroline (a.k.a. Snoopinaround). We find a few caches, only to get stopped and questioned by a sheriff, who is obviously suspicious of some of the exceedingly seedy-looking members of our party (see photo). Ms. Krazi tearfully explains that we are actually scouting locations for the 18th remake of A Pittsylvania Chainsaw Massacre, and since the original is the sheriff's favorite film, he lets us off easy.

That's a true story.

Last night, a fine dinner and pleasant evening in Danville and then Martinsville with the Albaneses. Today, Mrs Death and I returned to Greensboro to get with our friend Beth (a.k.a. UNCG BogTurtle) for an excellent afternoon/early evening snagging more caches and then having dinner. Alas, for the foreseeable future, it was our last outing with Ms BogTurtle, who is moving to Illinois tomorrow. Over the past year, we've had many incredible adventures and shared an amazing number of fantastic times. I don't think it's quite sunk in yet that she and her husband, Al, are really leaving.

I expect it will next time I head out to hunt a cache. A sincere bon voyage to Beth. Mrs Death and I both hope she has a fantastic experience in her new home and new stage of her career.

I guaran-ass-TEE you she won't be having as much fun as she had here, though....

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