Saturday, February 23, 2013

Geocaching Mecca

Cloven hoof prints. Deer path or Devil's
Tramping Ground?

If you visit this blog, like, ever, you'll know I am a fairly rabid geocacher. I've been at this little activity for just over five years and have claimed about 5,600 caches to date. As you might imagine, most of the cache logs within a reasonable distance of home already bear my signature, so when new caches pop up, I'm pretty much chomping at the bit to go after them. When I started in 2008, only a scant few caches had been hidden in Danville, VA, and I had claimed the lot of them in just a couple of visits. However, over the years, as more geocachers have become active in the area, Danville has become a veritable geocaching Mecca, full of clever, ingenious, and memorable hides, placed by individuals bearing such intriguing aliases as Klaussinator, Allofdem, JJ&MJ, Spring1, Esddan, Djnpd, Oneeyedwillie79, keithandlaura, and many more. I keep cleaning out Danville, and they keep putting out new ones, bringing me back time and time again... and I love every minute of it. Danville's not a terribly big town, but it's a picturesque place with a rich history, much of which you naturally discover as you go about hunting the hides around the community. With miles upon miles of trails in Angler's Park, Dan Daniel Park, Ballou Park, and the Riverwalk, there's no shortage of hiking and/or biking, and the plentiful hides in the town proper — as well as out in Pittsylvania County — have led me to discover some fun little restaurants and wine bars, such as The Corner Cafe, Tokyo Grill, and Jake's on Main.

Today started out cold and rainy as all get-out, but as I had to head up to Mum's in Martinsville, I detoured through Danville to pick up yet more caches I needed (and left myself enough for another trip or two). I snagged several — in town and at Dan Daniel Park — but the highlight of the outing was surely lunch at Tokyo Grill. I've eaten there a number of times, but today I tried their chirashi for the first time, and, oh lordy, it was so good I friggin' hollered. I like sushi almost as much as caching, and while Tokyo Grill generally does it right, the chirashi they did all kinds of right.

Whether or not you're a geocacher (if not, you have my sympathies), hie thee on over to Danville to sample the wares of all varieties. Tell 'em Damned Rodan sent you.
Riverwalk Rest Area. No overnight parking allowed.
Lunch at Tokyo Grill. All kinds of hollering is definitely allowed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, sounds like a worthwhile day, and thanks for the shout-out! Also sounds amazingly like my day (except I didn't eat any un-fired fish.) If you check today's post on my blog, you'll see what I mean . . . Cache on!


Stephen Mark Rainey said...

Thanks for that link — good stuff, and I'll add a permanent link on this page. Need to update blog links anyway. Managed FTF on the new night cache in Martinsville tonight. I still need to get out to your area to check out the new ones in the Blairs area.

Be goot.