Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Business Time

No, not that business... well, not right now... but I suddenly find myself with more to write than I can shake a stake at. First on the slate is a fairly lengthy retrospective of Dark Shadows — not that this old man would know diddly about such a thing. Started it yesterday, making good progress. After that, a short story to compose — and possibly another one immediately following. Somewhere in there, I get to keep working on that novel in progress.

No time to lose, and all that. So, it's off to get cracking. Bye.

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Travis said...

Looking forward to your Dark Shadows Retrospective! After re-listening to some of the Big Finish Audios, I realized two of my favorites (Path of Fate and Curse of the Pharaoh) were written by the same author. You definitely capture a great sense of fear and dread! Going to check out some of your other writings. Do you have any other Big Finish Audios planned?