Saturday, August 31, 2013

31 Days of Geocaching

"31 Days of Geocaching" has been one of those little gimmicks that Groundspeak — the owner of — devised to promote caching. For each day in August 2013 you found and logged a geocache, you earned one of these dorky little pieces of "souvenir" art to go on your profile page. I rarely need much additional motivation to go out on the hunt, but since I did log caches for the first several consecutive days in August, I decided I might as well attempt to shoot for the whole month. Happily, there were just enough unclaimed caches in the area for me to hunt without having to drive to Timbuktu, and it actually did prove to be quite fun. On some days, I got up extra early to grab a cache before work, which I really enjoyed... except for the getting up extra early part. See "Deep Discoveries" for the most intriguing find of the month. Anyway, it's all done, and there on the left is a shot of those 31 dorky little souvenirs I earned.

Found a half dozen today, including one at a particular favorite type of location: an ancient, very scenic graveyard. Last night, Ms. B. and I headed up to Martinsville to visit Mum, and from there, this afternoon, we made our way out to NC's Yadkin Valley to visit a couple of vineyards — Stony Knoll and Olde Mill, the latter of which proved to be one of the best we've been to in this region. Good dry reds! Anyhoo, on the way, we stopped in Germanton, NC, so I could go after "Germanton Fresco" (GC253GH), which lurks in a graveyard behind an old church that dates back to the early 1800s. It's a fairly haunted-looking place, which of course made me happier than an emu at a cricket farm. Oh yeah, an emu lives next door to the graveyard; we exchanged pleasantries, but he didn't seem otherwise inclined to chat with us. Overall, a most pleasant location to spend a few minutes on the hunt. Being buried in a place like this one might take a little of the suck out of being buried, I always say.

I sleep now.
I'd so love to visit this place after dark.
Old fellow finds a relaxing spot

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