Thursday, September 29, 2016

Beware of Germs

Mercy, I've been so busy trying to crank out some new fiction under tight deadlines that I've had no time to blog lately, nor even to (gasp!) do much geocaching. However, I figured I'd take this opportunity to offer what I hope is a superfluous warning, but just in case....

I receive Google alerts when news of my books comes up on the web, and in the past couple of months, the alerts have been screaming in at a record rate — almost all appearing to be download sites for my books, which, I can assure you, are completely bogus. There may actually be some pirate sites among them, where copies of the book may be acquired — illegally, of course, but the vast majority of them appear to be links that will take you to malware sites, where your device will almost certainly be compromised by some hellish bug or another. I'd never even click on one of those links, much less attempt to actually download a book. My available titles can all be acquired, quite legally, at legitimate sites such as, Barnes & Noble, and Books-a-Million, not to mention directly from publishers such as Crossroad Press, Dark Regions, Wildside Press, et. al. Purchasing from them ensures you'll get what you pay for, and that ye author will receive his due royalties.

Here — this will take you to my author page, where you can browse and purchase almost all my available titles: Stephen Mark Rainey at

And, of course, at my website,, you can get all the information you can stomach about my work, along with links to order from the most legitimate sources.

As I said, this is probably a superfluous admonishment, but then I never cease to be surprised by the games people play, every night and every day now. I mean, look at certain of our presidential candidates.

Stay tuned, there will be a special promotion or two coming along soon, and I'll be posting details right here.


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