Thursday, March 21, 2024

Musings in the Night

Maybe it's just me, but after damn near 40 years on the creative end of the horror/dark fiction lit business, it feels like people and projects are imploding at a rate and intensity I've never seen before. Going back several months, I'd say. If you know what I'm talking about, you know; whether you do or don't, the only thing I'll say is that, in my experience, integrity will serve you well, and in this day of instant sharing of information, the lack of integrity can have dire, real-world consequences for the individual as well as those in that person's sphere of influence.

We're all flawed, and we all fail. Compassion is rare. I consider empathy a priceless trait, but sometimes it's hard to hold onto. If I have any regrets in this life, they're over having hurt others. I'm not even entirely sure what my intent here is, other than to urge people in my sphere of influence to be cognizant of the role of integrity in your relationships, whether business, personal, or whatever. Seeing so much drama, hurt, turmoil, and disappointment — particularly among people I've known and respected for a long time — is not easy. Not for me, not for any of us who have devoted so much energy, creativity, time, and loyalty to a field we love.

Forgive my rambling. It was only one scotch. But these feelings are genuine, and I expect at least some of you will get it.

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