Wednesday, March 10, 2010


David Selby as Quentin Collins (click image to enlarge)

Lisa Richards as Chandres Tessier (click image to enlarge)

David Selby and Lisa Richards recording Dark Shadows: Blood Dance
(click image to enlarge)

This past weekend, actors David Selby and Lisa Richards were in the studio to record my latest Dark Shadows audio drama script, titled Blood Dance. David Selby reprises his regular role as Quentin Collins, and Lisa Richards stars as new character Chandres Tessier. Here's the teaser from my Web site:

The year is 1929. Seeking a life free of the nightmares at Collinwood, Quentin Collins finds himself in Chicago, captivated by the city’s energy and the prospect of a new love. However, drawn into the twilight world of speakeasies and organized crime, he discovers even darker shadows that threaten to overwhelm both him and Chandres Tessier—the enigmatic woman to whom he feels drawn yet can’t be sure he fully trusts....

More info at my Web site and at the Big Finish Web site.

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