Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Now I Can Fit Into My Oldest Jeans...

...without busting them at the seams. (The fact that most of the seams are already busted does not enter into this, thank you very much.) All this recent exercise is at least paying off in a few little dividends.

Did get out to hunt quite a few geocaches these past few days; found several (coming up on my 200th find), and planted a new one tonight.

In the midst of it, I started a new short story for a certain market.

Got out to see Iron Man at the Eden Drive-in last weekend. Right fun, though it started raining for the last few minutes of the film, making it very difficult to see. But it was definitely a good time, and the drive-in cheeseburgers hit the spot.

I have discovered that heavy-duty geocaching brings on a severe cheeseburger craving. I can has one pleez?


Stewart Sternberg said...

If you have any old fat guy clothes, send them my way. Actually, with summer coming, I've decided to see my doctor and see if I can't get some help taking off this weight. Hell, maybe I'll even take on geocaching.

David Niall Wilson said...

Did my second two mile run of the week this morning...back on track to be under 200 pounds by summer's end...a feat I've not accomplished in many moons....and Trish has a treadmill she is putting to good use walking...you'll be seeing less of us.

Marky - when is your collection due out?

Mark Rainey said...

Stewart -- Geocaching...gooood. Though I love hiking in general, getting me off the couch to actually go could be a beast, until I ended up having a regular objective.

I found my 200th (plus a few) yesterday, and now I'm having to go a bit farther to find them. Some of the trails around here are so nice that just going walking on them isn't a bad idea at that. ;)

Dave -- I'm expecting it pretty much any day now...