Monday, June 9, 2008

Don D'Ammassa: "OTHER GODS" Not Entirely Full of Bilgewater

Well, the above can be inferred, given Don D'Ammassa's new review of Other Gods at his Critical Mass Web site. D'Ammassa writes, "Other Gods is a uniformly good collection with a few stories that stand out a little way, although the general quality is so high that you might not notice. The treatment varies from understated to quite explicit...not a bad story in the collection. A must-read for horror fans."

Visit here to get the whole sheboygan: Critical Mass Reviews, 6/8/08.

Then go here and buy the damn book already: Other Gods at Horror Mall

My big ol' outlining job is finished and sent to the appropriate parties, so now we play the waiting game. Haven't put in a stint like that since working on Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark back in '98.

This coming weekend, I'll be one of the troublemakers at Mo*Con III in Indianapolis. If you're in that part of the country, please come round. It's only $10 for the weekend, and there will be all kinds of marginally decadent goings-on for the amusement of attendees. (You didn't hear that from me, though.) Other folks involved include Maurice Broaddus (the brains behind the bash), Chesya Burke, Matt Cardin, Bob Freeman, Nick Mamatas, Kim Paffenroth, Lucy Snyder, and a number of other societal outcasts.

I can even fix you up with a copy of Other Gods, no questions asked.

At some point, I'll be excusing myself from the revelry for a time, as between the hotel and The Dwelling Place, there are at least 20 geocaches waiting to be claimed by a certain transient southerner.


David Niall Wilson said...

Hey have any time in the near future for a Hertford outing? The reason I ask is...Tommy the Turtle (who has since been determined to be Thomasina) is going to have a release ceremony were there when we found her, no bigger than a quarter. We were worried about her instincts, but we dropped some tadpoles in with her the other day...the minute she figured it for food...MAN - like watching a giant irradiated turtle in action - tank-like, she is. and Mrs. DR are cordially invited to be present.


Mark Rainey said...

I'm pretty sure it'll be on into July or August before we can think about getting away. I'd love to come (and there are caches on the way); we'll have to see how expensive gas is, too. It's going to end up costing a fortune just to go that far anymore.

David Niall Wilson said...

Well, let me know then! We can hold off the launch until July. We still want to check with the aquarium on the Outer Banks to see if they'd take her.