Wednesday, December 17, 2008

QUANTUM OF SOLACE Soundtrack Review Posted...

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Stewart Sternberg said...

I must protest. You know, when Paul McCartney did "Live and Let Die" there were those who skoffed, shaking their heads derisively. The same ill treatment was delivered to Duran Duran for "View To A Kill". I like both of those title songs. Enormously. I also liked Madonna's piece and the most recent one by Jack Black.

I think the Black's piece is frenetic and ominous in tone. I like the piano line that, while it isn't a direct working of the Monte Norman line that everyone associates with Bond, it certainly harkens back to it.

The worst crime any Bond song can commit is to be boring. When I first heard the Black piece, I wasn't bored. I can't say I liked it right off, but after repeated listenings, I've come to appreciate it as part of the canon.

If we want to talk about the worst Bond theme, then let's hit up Lulu's performance of the worst Bond song of them all.."The Man With The Golden Gun." Oddly, Alice Cooper wrote a Bond theme hoping it would be picked up for one of the films. His "Man With The Golden Gun" is far superior to the cloying song that Lulu churned out.

I'm not saying...I'm just saying.

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

I've always liked "Live and Let Die" and "A View to a Kill," although the latter took a bit to grow on me. "Die Another Day" refuses to do so, although I don't detest it as much now as I did when it first came out.

"Another Way to Die" is, to me, the epitome of boring -- except for the opening and closing motifs, which promise something far better than is delivered. I have "adjusted" to it to some degree, but I don't think I'll ever consider it much of a Bond song.

The music to the song "Man With the Golden Gun" isn't bad, though I'll quite agree that Lulu's vocals (and the inane lyrics) are pretty well awful.

Ever hear Anthony Newley's recording of "Goldfinger"? Historically, it's very interesting, though we were positively blessed that Shirley Bassey ended up doing the vocals for the film version.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Yes, I have heard Newley's version. I loved that man's eccentricities. Who can forget his strange movements when he performed, the stretching of the arms, the weird thing he did with his fingers.

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

Here, this is cute: Goldfinger