Saturday, April 11, 2009

04-11-01: My Dear Dad

Eight years ago tonight, my dad passed away. Over many years, complications from diabetes gradually debilitated him, until finally his body couldn't take any more. It was a terrible time, those last couple of years. But his spirit was strong from day one, and even during the period when he was a complete invalid, his patience and wisdom always showed through. He was the role model for my life, and these many years later, I still wish I could share things with him and seek his guidance when life is too much. If there was ever anyone who knew how to make it through when life did that, it was Dad.

A few pics from the good times:

The family, circa 1976

Mom and Dad's wedding day

Wow, I sure was little.

Wow, Dad sure was little.


Going with the flow said...

Trusting in the resurrection power of Jesus to bring us all home for that happy ending...Happy Easter.

Mark Rainey said...

Thanks for the kind wish. Happy Easter to you too. :)