Saturday, April 25, 2009


For an old fart, I burned a lot of energy over the past couple of days. Yesterday, got off work early, came to Martinsville, and planted five new caches down along the Smith River, which involved a couple of miles of hiking. Hot day, hot hike. I found that one of those caches needed some "adjustment," so first thing this morning, I did the hike over again to make the adjustment. Again, hot day, hot hike. As I was exiting the woods, I encountered my good friends Norman and Lynn D., a.k.a. Spring1 (pictured above), who were coming out to find said caches. They'd gotten lost on the way over from Danville, due to the fact that—unknown to me—there are two roads in town with exactly the same name. Not all that far apart, either. Go figure.

Anyhoo, from there, it was over to the city park for the Earth Week Cache-In, Trash-Out event coordinated by my friend Lynn P., a.k.a. Guesthouses. Norman and Lynn D. were supposed to be coming, but they were obviously going to be late. Here, I met the charming Medicine Turtle couple and their passel of young'uns (also pictured above). We set about the big cleanup job, and it wasn't long before the Medicine Turtles unearthed...of all things...a skeet launcher. Old and rusted out, but still in one piece. No telling how long it's been half-buried back in a dark corner of the park, but since I personally don't see lots of skeet launchers lying around in the woods, I found it kind of cool.

From there, it was Chinese food with Mum and my friends, the Albaneses. Then back to the woods. Tiki torches, a little campfire, and a bunch of beer. Beautiful evening, good company.

Officially very tired and very satisfied. After the rest of this week, I can certainly live with that.


David Niall Wilson said...

Sounds as if a good time was had by all. We have been "Earthing" in our own yard...a lot. Dogs miss you...want to meet your cats (lol)


Going with the flow said...

Janie,the Mrs. of Medicine Turtle's clan, was awarded the prize for collecting the biggest volume of trash. We had fun playing with the ice cubes to cool and humid it was!