Friday, July 10, 2009

Martinsville Cache-a-Latte

Geocachers tend to be a most excellent species of social animal, and frequently gather together in herds to eat, drink, and swap tales of the trail. They come in all sizes, shapes, sexes, and ages—from too young to walk to almost too old to walk. Many such critters gathered this evening in Martinsville, at the Daily Grind—a little cafe in a nice old uptown hotel building. A few lucky individuals were awarded with opportunities to be first-to-find on new, unpublished caches, and with excruciating effort, I talked Night-Hawk, Sneaky Bulldog (with whom I shared neat underground adventures a couple of weeks back; see Journey to the Centre of the Earth), Creacher, and the my long-lost reptilian relative, the White Dragon into dragging me along with them on their way to make the find. It was a good 'un, with perhaps a dirty laugh or two exchanged while on the hunt. (In fact, precious few of Sneaky Bulldog's laughs are even slightly clean.)

Our hosts, Scott and Chandres (Krazy Tribe), did a superb job coordinating things. Thanks, y'all, for a great time.

A nice evening to end a long day, as I'd taken off from work to put together a new audio drama script proposal. That one's done. But tomorrow...yet another one to develop.


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