Monday, November 16, 2009

Death Is the Great Equalizer

It's almost unheard of for me to experience freaky coincidences, but last night I dreamed about actor Edward Woodward (The Equalizer, The Wicker Man, East Enders, etc.) coming to my house and sitting down to chat. I haven't heard anything about him in the news, or so much as thought about him in I don't know how long. Then I found out he died today.

I always admired Woodward as an actor. He was masterful in the original The Wicker Man, and I liked him very much in The Equalizer TV series way back when. I suppose that if he ever really had come to my house just to chat, it would have been a most remarkable and memorable experience. I feel very saddened by his passing. The whole dream thing, wow.


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Rick said...

I greatly enjoyed him in "The Equalizer" as well. What a marvelous actor and human being. Your dream was very weird and I wonder what triggered it.