Sunday, November 21, 2010

THE NIGHTMARE FRONTIER Now Available as an Audio Book

And it's here from Crossroad Press. Narrated by Basil Sands, for a very reasonable $12.99. Currently, order it from directly from Crossroad; should be available from and other vendors very soon. You can also pick up the e-book in various formats, including for the Kindle, for $4.99 — either direct from Crossroad or from Amazon.

Check out a free audio sample.

You can also read a sample text passage (Chapter 3) at my website, here.

A little testimonial from author Gary Braunbeck:

"Remember what it was like to read a horror novel that actually made you sweat with dread and your hand shake ever-so-slightly as you turned the page? Remember what it was like to feel your heart thud against your chest as the plight of the characters became your own? Remember what it was like to have a story cast a spell over you rather than ram everything down your throat? If so, you've reason to rejoice; if not, then you need to discover what that's like. In either case, Mark Rainey's The Nightmare Frontier delivers the goods. This is the Good, Real Stuff. From its powerful opening in the jungles of Vietnam to its nerve-wracking finale, this novel never releases its grip on the reader's nerves, brains, and heart."

Give it a go. You'll get plenty skeered!

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