Friday, November 19, 2010

All That Jazz...Here and On the Way

Having lots of my written work hitting the street within a relatively short span of time. If you've not checked out my fiction — short, long, and otherwise — here are some good opportunities for small investments.

My novels, The Lebo Coven and The Nightmare Frontier are now both available in paperback, ebook, and audio book formats.
My first novel, Balak, is still available as a trade paperback from Wildside (you can check it out here [ site]), and it's soon to be released as an audio book by Crossroad.

Dark Regions will be releasing my new short story collection, The Gaki & Other Weird Horrors in Spring 2011. It features 16 of my short tales, including six that have never been previously published. Cover art by M. Wayne Miller. Stay tuned for more details and ordering information.

Also in Spring 2011, Marietta will be releasing my WWII dark fantasy novel, Blue Devil Island, as a trade paperback. Also features cover art by M. Wayne Miller. There's a good possibility it will also come out on audio from Crossroad. Again, stay tuned.

All righty, then.

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