Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dirty Santa!

Now and again, you just have to offer a special tip of the hat to somebody, and I'm going to tip mine to cachers Jeff and Annette "Rhett and Scarlett" Campbell for placing "Dirty Santa" (GC38QY7) over in High Point. It's a big honking Tupperware bin full of wrapped presents for the first fifty finders, there or about, and I went out after the thing last night, shortly after it was published. Turns out, I was the second to arrive on the scene, and based on the logs, several other cachers came out shortly after I left. I ended up snagging a ready-to-go lock-n-lock cache container, which comes in particularly handy, as I'm looking to put out a few new hides in the not-so-distant future. Just to give a little something back, I left an autographed copy of Other Gods...hmm...which might end up scaring away some cachers, who knows....

I did kind of get run off from the greenway parking lot by a ranger, since I had parked there after dark, and this is apparently a big no-no. Okay, so I won't do that again. At least he was cordial enough, so it didn't spoil the evening—particularly since I managed a couple of first-to-finds on other caches, hid a new urban micro, and grabbed some sushi for dinner. I tell you, this is the stuff that makes caching extra rewarding; "Dirty Santa" couldn't have been cheap to put together, as there's evidently some mighty nice goodies in that bin! I reckon Rhett and Scarlett are pretty much okay for a couple of mean old grinches.

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