Sunday, December 11, 2011


With Ms. B. at Wine Styles. The young'un is the photographer. We're not laughing with her,
which can only mean....

December 9 to December 11: Daughter here, working on short story, office Christmas fest (and feast), Wine Styles, working on short story, Zen sushi, Chapel Hill, working on short story, RDU, daughter gone, Benjamin Winery, working on short story, Hyco Lake, Piedmont College Trails... Holy ghods, was there a weekend?

Old dude is a little sore after a lot of hiking and caching today with Audra "Homestyle" Webb and her daughter in Person County, NC—at Hyco Lake and then at the Piedmont Community College nature trail. Nothing terribly menacing to life and limb, just a fair bit of up and down over a few miles of terrain. Another 14 caches under my belt, and I'm seven shy of 4,000.

Mark has a teachable moment. Way back, a while back, I was hiking along the Haw River and photographed an odd device that I thought might be a Martian fighting machine. Found one at Hyco Lake and got to examine it at close range. It's just a critter feeder with a camera mounted on it. Go figure! Of course, this does not mean the Martians are not invading.

And now back to writing. Must...finish...short story.

L: Audra taking a picture of the photographer, with the Martian fighting machine looking on.
R: A marker for the Frisbee golf course, or a talisman to hold spells for all kinds of unspeakable rites in the dark forest? You decide.

L: Audra discovered Wilson!
R: The tree grew around the cache container, popped the lid off, and made it
a permanent fixture. We signed the container itself.


David Niall Wilson said...

I have it on good authority that she did NOT discover me.

Stephen Mark Rainey said...

She did too; you just didn't realize it. Water on the brain, I think! ;)

David Niall Wilson said...

Wait..water on what?