Saturday, June 2, 2012


You do enjoy being scared silly, don't you? Enter The Gods of Moab Contest for a chance to score some of the scariest crap that ever laid eyes on you!

How to do it: Pick up my e-novella, The Gods of Moab (available for Kindle from for $2.99 — that's less than the price of a decent beer, don't you know!); send me an email (at to let me know; and I'll send you a question about the story (no two readers will get the same question). Answer correctly, and you'll be in the running to win one of the following: an autographed copy of my acclaimed novel Blue Devil Island; an autographed copy of my fiction collection Legends of the Night; or a CD copy of my very Lovecraftian Dark Shadows audio drama, Curse of the Pharaoh (starring Nancy Barrett and Marie Wallace from the original Dark Shadows television series). Contest ends on June 30, 2012.

"Only a few modern writers understand Lovecraftian fiction. And of those few, only a couple stand out. Mark Rainey is one of those and he writes the most traditional — but no less cosmic — form of this kind of story. I've read very few tales like this one, and Rainey uses kinetic style to great effect! It's a stroke of brilliant writing. Mark Rainey's fiction is a must-have for anyone searching for a good horror story."
—James Robert Smith, author of The Flock, The Clan, and The Living End
The Gods of Moab for your Kindle from here:

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