Sunday, May 27, 2012

This Old House

Not many things strike fear in the old dude's heart more than Rob "robgso" Isenhour saying, in reference to one of his new geocache hides, "Aw, it's an easy one." Usually, when he tells me this, I know I'm going to be hunting for quite a while. This one lurks out on the West House Trail, between Lake Townsend and Lake Jeanette. The trail is the shortest of Greensboro's watershed lake trails — less than a mile end to end — and leads to an old brick house, known as (believe it or not) the West House, which was built around 1820, though there's no surviving record of its actual history. Rob's cache, aptly titled "This Old House" (GC3M018), is hidden right at the edge of the meadow where the house stands. Sure enough, the hide took a fair bit of hunting, though, truly, by Rob's standards, it pretty much is "an easy one." The trail, short though it is, passes through some of the most scenic woods around the lakes, and, happily, I got out early enough to avoid the worst of the day's heat... which is beginning to crank up.

Next stop for the day... The Grove Winery. Yay!

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(L) The spillway between Lake Townsend and Lake Jeanette
(R) Ground zero. Yep, the cache is in there....
 One of the little fellows sharing the trail with me today.

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