Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fourscore and Umpteen Years Ago...

...Mrs. Rainey gave birth to Damned Rodan. Of course, she didn't exactly call me that, though in my younger days, my dad was known to call me damned something or another, and rightfully so.

This birthday, as in these recent past years since I've taken up geocaching, there was indeed caching in the bargain — though, in an unfortunate break with tradition, I wasn't able to take a full day off work to do it. I did, however, knock off a couple of hours early and head after a few in Randolph County. My favorite of the bunch led me to a piece of private property, apparently deserted — at least at the time I arrived. The quiet afternoon seemed rather foreboding, and though I knew I was on the right path, I felt a bit leery of venturing onto the old homestead; after all, folks out in the county do take their property boundaries seriously, and they expect you to, as well. The door to nowhere, which you see here, was particularly vexing. No telling where you might end up going through that thing!

Happily, I soon saw a sign — literally — indicating that I and others of my ilk were expected. Next thing you know, I'm turning up a nice little hand-crafted cache hiding alone in the middle of the woods. I so admire the creativity and the craftsmanship for hides like this one. I won't reveal its identity here, but you cachers in the bunch will surely enjoy going after it.

After this, it was off to meet Kimberly for dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse and Wine Bar at Friendly Center. She bought me an absolutely fabulous meal and gave me presents; clearly, she is a very good girlfriend. Perhaps I will keep her.

Rounding it all out, a mellow evening at home watching Absentia, which was pretty good, and a couple of episodes of Dexter. Although this passage of time thing sometimes just plain eats shit, at least some of the landmarks along the way are outright pleasant. This was one of them.

Out in the middle of nowhere... Do I really want to set foot on the property?
Well, sure, why not?
Nice to know there's a remedy if the woods catch fire! And Damned Rodan, lucky #13.... 

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