Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Here's the story. There's this dude I keep seeing driving by in his car. Every time he drives past, by sheer coincidence, I happen to be with Kimberly. Not only that, whenever he drives by, Kimberly is engaged in the process of swatting me a good one. Now, I'm told this happens because I've said something that deserves a good swatting. Here and now, however, let it here be known: when I say something, it's because it's something that ought to have been said. But you know how things go; sometimes things that ought to have been said get misconstrued as things that maybe, really, ought not have been.

So a little while ago, I saw the dude drive by, but Kimberly wasn't here to swat me. Ergo, I must have said something. I'll find out later what it was.

Carry on.

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