Thursday, April 25, 2013

Designs by Droolie®

If you visit me on Facebook, you've no doubt met Droolie. Droolie is my home decorator. Back in December, he came round to my front porch and wouldn't go away, so, after a good faith but ultimately futile effort to find him a decent home, I took him in, fed and clothed him, got him his shots, and had him properly fixed. In no time at all, not only did he begin to redecorate my home, he inspired Chester, Frazier, and Dusty to help out. These days, coming home from work is always a new adventure. Sometimes I can't even get in the house because they've bunched up a rug and used it as a wedge behind the front door. More often than not, the tablecloth on the dining room table is just plain gone, and occasionally the floor is littered cat toys and other paraphernalia that I haven't seen since 1994. An industrious boy, this Droolie.

And so began Designs by Droolie®. This line of innovative, uniquely feline, and occasionally dangerous (for Dad) home decorating tips and ideas is frequently illustrated by stunning photographs of the house cats doing what they do best. There's no shortage of creativity in this household, I can tell you, and after much poking and prodding from his Facebook fans, Droolie has decided to try his paw at merchandising. We've uploaded the Designs by Droolie® logo you see here to Café Press, and you can get it on coffee mugs, water bottles, tote bags, t-shirts and other apparel, and even mouse pads. Here's a link to his page: Designs by Droolie®. By all means, stop by and have a look at what you can get.

Droolie and his capable staff will certainly thank you. Enjoy.
Sometimes subtlety is most effective. Here, our young master decorator presents a fringed, patterned rug
in front of the back door, tastefully angled, with one end slightly rolled up for effect. It's easy, affordable,
and only marginally dangerous for Dad.

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