Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mother F—!

Have you seen the bridge?

The geocache description said it was a "pointy tree." We're talking a honey locust here, so let's try a gnarly, smug, smart-ass, ornery tree boasting clusters of 3-inch-long briers on thick, whip-like branches.

My log: "Out for a beautiful day on the hunt with Suntigres. Upon reaching for this one, I made a very naughty utterance. Thanks for the cache... I think."

Bridget Langley's log: "When I heard Mark repeatedly calling for his mother, I knew he had found the cache."

It was an ultra-beautiful day to be out on the caching trail, so Bridget and I made a day of it in Randolph County. I picked up 36 caches; she claimed a few more, since we stopped for some I'd logged a while back. The bridge you see in the pics was at one cool stop along a tributary of Back Creek, on Heath Dairy Road. We had a kind of hairy but ultimately entertaining moment when some community-spirited neighbor (who looked to have no front teeth and drove a thirty-year-old, noisy, exhaust-belching pickup truck with a chainsaw in the back) took it to heart to pursue us, no doubt curious about our efforts to dislodge a magnetic nano from a section of signpost alongside the road. Happily, Bridget is apparently a bona fide Bond girl, for we soon lost the unsavory character without having to engage any of our lethal gadgets.

In any event, it was an excellent trip out there, but for the excruciating pain of reaching into the pointy tree. I tell you this, if I ever need an implement to inflict serious injury upon someone who has annoyed me, I know from which particular botanical specimen to clip a few branches.

It's not my photo, but here is a nice shot of your typical honey locust tree.

Where's that confounded bridge?


James Robert Smith said...

This is why I have a road-spike dispenser and an oil-slick spreader on my truck.

It didn't really come with those options, but age and wear makes it so.

Mark Rainey said...

Je comprend.

Anonymous said...

HONEY honey locust! :) (BTW, you must have some of those long handle pinchy-pickup sticks for grasping caches where no hand should ever go...right?)

Anonymous said...

PS....laughed out loud at much of this blog. Thanks!