Saturday, November 2, 2013

RIP Dusty

Dusty in her younger, healthier days
Today, little Dusty passed on after a fairly long decline to poor health. She was getting up there in years — over 15 — and she finally went to sleep today and did not wake up. She was always a little curmudgeonly, which I admired, but she could also be exceedingly sweet. Many mornings I'd wake up with her lying on my back, purring, and when I'd roll over, she'd dutifully wait till I was done and just readjust her position without actually getting off me. Her sister, Charcoal, passed away several years ago at age 8 from a tumor. I so hope they are playing together in the land across the rainbow bridge. Goodnight, little sweetheart.
Crabby Dusty
Dusty all set to go places


James Robert Smith said...

They are sweet companions. It's always sad to lose them.

Sidney said...

My oldest cat, Monty, was diagnosed with diabetes recently. He's hanging in, but it's tough when they start to decline.

Sandra said...

I really am so sorry you lost "Dusty" but so happy you had her for fifteen years. Please accept my sincere sadness for your pain.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to read this. :( I know Dusty had a grand life with you. Made me misty-eyed to read about her readjusting her position so she could continue to sleep on your back. Sweet. RIP little honey.