Sunday, November 12, 2017

Trailing and Quarrying

View of the old Salem Quarry, facing north from the overlook
After a months-long dry spell on the geocaching front, the past three weekends have been mighty satisfying. A couple of weeks back, it was the Gettysburg trip for Kimberly and me (see "Sojourn at Gettysburg," Oct. 30, 2017); last weekend, Raleigh-Durham with Old Rob, Suntigres (a.k.a. Bridget), and BigG7777 (a.k.a. Gerry); yesterday, some trail caching in Greensboro with Cupdaisy (a.k.a. Debbie), and today, a nice outing in Winston-Salem with Old Rob. We started out this morning with a lucky first-to-find in Kernersville, headed to Salem Lake for a few miles of trail hiking and caching, then trucked ourselves over to Salem Quarry Park to seek a relatively new multi. Some fall color made for a brighter hike on an overcast, chilly morning at Salem Lake. By the time we finished there, we had put in a good three miles on the trail and had five more caches under our belts. The air had finally begun to warm a bit, but when we hit the quarry, the wind picked up and the temperature dipped dramatically.

I'd not been to the quarry before. It was more extensive than I expected, bigger than most of the others I've seen in this area. There's a nice observation deck that extends out over the edge of the quarry, with an ironwork floor that allows you to see the vast, empty space directly beneath you. Several miles to the north, you can see the Winston-Salem skyline, today half-hidden by the overcast skies. The multi-cache here was our favorite of the day, requiring us to gather information from the around the overlook to calculate the coordinates to the final stage, which was a big old ammo box.

Otherwise, have been busy with writing, both new stuff and re-working some old. A nice party at Kimberly's last night starring geocachers and oenophiles—always a good combination.

Been enjoying some Stranger Things, so I'm going to work in another episode or two this evening.

Over and out.
Nice colors along the trail at Salem Lake
A couple of young old gentlemen on the the trail
View of the old Salem Quarry to the west
The view to the east

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