Tuesday, August 16, 2022

FUGUE DEVIL: RESURGENCE — Signed, Limited Hardback Edition

If you know about the Fugue Devil, it knows about you.
If you see the Fugue Devil, it will come for you.

After a long and maddening problem with shipping — an entire batch of books gone missing in transit — copies of the signed, limited hardback edition of Fugue Devil: Resurgence are finally available from Black Raven Books. It’s a beautiful book, with a wraparound dust cover featuring art by British Fantasy Award winner Daniele Serra, a ribbon bookmark, and an atmospheric art backdrop on the first page of each of the dozen stories within. (Click on the images above to enlarge.)

Copies are $52 each, which includes priority mailing, tracking, and insurance. Order directly from the publisher here. Or, from Amazon.com, use these links to order the trade paperback and/or Kindle edition.

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