Thursday, November 30, 2023

Deathrealm: Spirits — Brian Keene, Linda D. Addison, Larry Blamire, Eric LaRocca, Timothy G. Huguenin


Brian Keene — "Bloody Roots": The redoubtable Levi Stoltzfus confronts what may be his most fearsome, powerful, and heart-rending adversary...

Linda D. Addison — "As Below, So Above": "The dream ends and begins again and again; each time a different animal consumes dreadful beliefs I cannot release..."

  Larry Blamire — "The Murder Wagon": The ancient, shadow-haunted Callamo Mountains have seen countless horrors, and now a new menace rises to sow dread, nourished by blood and fear.

Eric LaRocca — "Even If Our Wounds Never Close": How much blood can personal atonement ever require?

Timothy G. Huguenin — "To Fear and To Rage": What are these hellish, eyeless things overrunning a small West Virginia community... and how the hell can they be stopped?

And much, much more!

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