Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Deathrealm: Spirits — Meghan Arcuri, Kasey Lansdale, David Niall Wilson, Tony Tremblay, Jeff Oliver


Meghan Arcuri — "Fort Lonely": Is it a safe place born of a mother's love, or the den of some unspeakable horror from somewhere else?

Kasey Lansdale — "The Disappeared": Two young girls discover a body in a nearby creek, and the resulting dark cloud that envelops them swells into a mind-shattering storm.

  David Niall Wilson — "I Was Going to Tell You Tonight": A pair of pest exterminators. A terrible secret. A mind-bending collision of physical and spiritual horror.

Tony Tremblay — "Roadblock": An inexplicable gray wall appears, stopping cars on a remote, little-used road. But what of those few who are unable to pass through this mysterious barrier?

 Jeff Oliver — "The Devil's Bounty Hunter": "You can try to run, but it will always find you. You can hide in the dark, but it will always come through..."

And much, much more!

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