Thursday, March 13, 2008

How to Thoroughly Devalue the Limited Edition of Your Upcoming Book

In my case, sign the signature sheets.

Done, and shipped back to the publisher. In fact, cover artist Wayne Miller and I met for dinner last night, and he signed the sheets for the lettered edition. So Other Gods is that much closer to completion, and I expect that by May it will be running loose on the streets. Almost certainly, I will have copies to take to Mo*Con with me in June. I can bean unsuspecting passersby with them.*

*For this activity, I shall require the hardcover edition.


David Niall Wilson said...

He means that. Even if his intended target sees the book about to be tossed, if Marky Mark tries to bean them, someone unsuspecting will get conked (insert nods) (insert maniacal laughter). One of those signed book-shaped-thingies is mine, by the way...


Mark Rainey said...

I'll give my throwing arm a good workout and wail it your way from here. I've gotten to be a fair aim, even long-distance. ;)