Thursday, April 3, 2008

It Knows About You

Well, of course your cat does. That's what cats do. They know things. But tonight, we're talking about the Fugue Devil. If you know about it, it knows about you. And that usually spells trouble. Okay, not usually. Always.

Recently, Mr. Jack "Trouble" Kincaid, took a break from chopping wood (which he doesn't mind) and composed a couple of ambient monstrosities based on my story, "The Fugue Devil" (which will be appearing, along with its sequel and other weird horrors, in my upcoming collection, Other Gods).

I present the mp3s here, with Jack's permission.

It Knows About You

Heart of the Fugue Devil

I find these nice for playing in the dark while things are otherwise quiet. Nice atmosphere.

But now that you know about the Fugue Devil, and it knows about you, well...

'Tis better for cats to know.


When not being menaced by cats and Fugue Devils this week, I've been tearing up Greensboro hunting geocaches. Along with Mrs Death and our next door neighbors (the Travelin' Farm Family), I've racked up a fair number of finds this week, including a few that had me pretty well flummoxed for several days. I really enjoy getting out and seeing parts of town that I've never seen in my 20 years here; walking (sometimes considerable distances) every day, sometimes on sidewalks, sometimes on wooded trails, sometimes through creeks; and having to think creatively, usually to figure out just how the hell somebody came up with such a devious hiding place.

Tonight was a good one. It was raining in sheets, but the Farm Fam and I went straight out there, made a few finds (looking like drowned rats -- happy drowned rats, of course) , and then went out to Fisher's Bar & Grille for beer and chicken wings. At least the rain kept the muggles away.


William Jones said...

Mr Kincaid created some very moody songs - my thanks to him!

And good luck with those geocaches. This does sound quite interesting. I keep waiting for the "big" surprise to appear.

Anonymous said...

Mood is my middle name.

Or is it Doom?

I can't remember.