Friday, April 18, 2008

It's Better to Forgive, Right?

Last night, I came about as close to doing something I'd regret as I ever have. Peg and I were heading down the highway near our house, and as we approached the pedestrian bridge down the way, I saw three kids hanging out watching the cars. Just as we reached the bridge, one of them shoved a rock or a large bolt through the steel mesh, which hit the top of my car just above the windshield. At the next exit, I turned around and went back toward the scene, and I saw one of the kids coming down the road; at least, I'm 99% certain it was one of the little bastards. I mean, logistically, it's barely feasible that anyone else could have been on the road where he was given the time and distance of my turnaround. But it's that 1% doubt that stopped me from getting out and flailing the little fucker with the bamboo stick I keep for geocaching. Instead, we called the cops, who came out, checked out the damage, and filed a report, which will accomplish a whole lot of nothing, but it was the more prudent course of action. Evidently, the gangs use that bridge as a hangout and charge tolls for people to cross.

I know I'm in a minority, but personally, I think we ought to institute a National Shoot a Gang Member Day. Everyone gets a freebie. Something tells me it won't fly, though.

Tonight we spent an enjoyable evening with the neighbors, getting in some caching and having a cookout. It was a great way to move on.


David Niall Wilson said...

Rocks falling from sky
Crash into last straw on camel's back
Beat them all bloody

This Haiku-Review brought to you by like-minded gang-haters everywhere...and why don't they want their pants to fit?

Mark Rainey said...

I know you've had issues out your way. Around here, the problems are really getting bad, but they seem to be swept under the rug more than dealt with. If the cops know that gangs have got extortion rackets set up, and they know exactly where it's happening, doing a little sweep seems like a no-brainer.

Stewart Sternberg said...

You and I must never get together. I worked with gangs and substance abuse on the west side of Detroit. Whenever a gang member dies, I tend to utter: "An angel's got its wings". Horrible. Politically incorrect. I know. I also know the socioeconomic situations and cultural issues that make this sort of lifestyle attractive to certain teens. However....

Mark Rainey said...

Come now, I see no reason for us not to flail each other over a few beers at the first opportunity.

Certainly, I'm all for treating the root causes of such behaviors, and more power to you for taking positive action. However, these kids around here who measure their self-worth by how much pain and suffering they can inflict on others... sorry, I see no angels there. I see a plague, a cancer, a disease that should be eradicated. Particularly the Central American gangs, who have moved into town and whose preferred method of indoctrination is to have the tyro knock on a door and shoot the person who answers. I'm sorry, there's no angel behind that. Only the worst kind of devil.