Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Big Trail Hike of the Season

And lordy, I'm a little sore. Gorgeous, gorgeous day for hiking. Almost 80 degrees, but a constant cool, comfortable breeze. Undertook a most interesting terrain challenge to snag a cache—had to walk out about 50 ft. on a fallen tree over Lake Brandt. Well, actually, I walked about halfway, then dropped and scooted the rest of the way. The cache site is within view of the nearby highway, and I nearly fell of laughing when some fellow in a truck drove by and yelled, "Hey, you, get the hell off that tree!" I didna really want to fall off, though, as I had electronic gadgets in my pockets that really oughta not get wet. Had the cache in short order and then set off on a nice long trail hike. Picked up another tough hide, too, so it was a most gratifying early afternoon.

Now it's time to have a martini and write the last 500 words of me current project.

Hmm. I'm really dying for some sushi about now.

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