Sunday, March 22, 2009

Randleman Outing

Mrs Death accompanied me on a nice evening trip to Randleman, a little town just down the road a piece, to hunt for a passel of caches. We found 15 out of 16; I brought home a travel bug, the remainder of an excellent dinner, and a crapload of briers embedded in my flesh. Yeah, there was a terrain challenge or two, so the souvenirs were kind of inevitable. Worth every little drop of blood, too.

We found one of those wonderful, quaint local joints for dinner, called The Wild Onion. Southern home cooking and all, and just damned good. I had me some killer pig ribs. I mean the ribs were killer, not the pigs. Well, probably.

Once again, caching has taken us to some really neat places we'd just never otherwise get to. Love it. And I made it another day without falling into a river, lake, creek, or other body of water. Yay!

The Wild Onion, a quaint little restaurant down in Randleman

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