Friday, March 20, 2009

I Didn't Fall in Today

I really like the Greensboro watershed trails; there's many miles of them around the various lakes to the north of town. They make for fine hiking and are abundant with wildlife and unspoiled woodland. Not to mention they're full of geocaches. It was such a beautiful afternoon that I expected the woods to be full of muggles. Nope. For all practical purposes, I was the only soul out and about on the Piedmont Trail today. I put in an easy three-mile hike and found a number of the remaining few trail caches I haven't yet claimed. Not much wildlife out today, I found. Several times, I stopped to take some pictures, and the air was as still and silent as I've ever experienced. Not a breath of breeze or chirping of birds. Absolute, natural silence.

Of course, it's a great place for the horror writer's instincts to kick in big time. There's one spot where you come out of the woods and you can view an isolated house in the distance. While it's a nice place, I get the feeling if I were to venture much closer, I might be treated to the sound of chainsaws and screaming.

The Boggy Creek monster is probably very happy here as well.

Three caches and one stage of a multi claimed today. It was a good, long hike. I be bushed.

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