Wednesday, August 24, 2011

That Ol' Dan River

Left work a few minutes early and booked up to Danville to meet up with cachers Homestyle, Homekid, and HD JP for a canoe trip up the Dan River. Spent several hours out on the water, paddling hard, and hunting a couple of caches that can only be accessed by boat. Made a short hop over to a nearby island for the first one, "3-Dan Island" (GC1YMD0), which was a quick find, then set out on a mile-and-a-half paddle upriver to hunt "Catch a Cache" (GC2Y8N1), which was guaranteed to pose a challenge, though we came out with just the tools for the job. Once we got to ground zero, though...disappointment! No sign of the container anywhere. Next thing you know, we're on the phone with the cache's one previous finder, who told us just what to look for, but this only confirmed our idea that the container is just plain gone. What a bummer! Ah, least it was an excellent day to spend out on the river. We got back to the cars just as darkness fell; then it was off to the nearby Ham's restaurant, where I went to town on one of their famous bison burgers. Mercy, them critters are good! And now I'm feeling a little bit of the soreness coming on. Not much, just enough to let me know that my bones are somewhat ancient. So it's off to bed. Good night, Lucy.

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