Monday, March 4, 2013

It Is NOT the "Lesbo" Coven

Author/retired college professor Anthony Servante gives The Lebo Coven the critical treatment in the latest installment of his blog, Servante of Darkness. Here's a little teaser:

"As I’ve eagerly awaited the paperback version of Blue Devil Island to arrive in the mail, I got to reading The Lebo Coven — 'a traditional, family-centered supernatural tale,' as Rainey calls it. So, even though I had (and still do) planned to review the historically based horror novel, Blue Devil Island, I jumped the gun a bit to review the latter work, and I'm glad I did...."

See why by heading over here: Servante on The Lebo Coven.

Also on the horror writing front, I'm planning to have a book signing in Martinsville (VA) at Binding Time cafe and bookstore, tentatively planned for Friday, March 22, from 3:00–5:00 PM. Binding Time is a fabulous little place — a cafe-slash-bookstore with excellent food and an intimate atmosphere. Check 'em out on Facebook too: If you're in the vicinity and can make it in, please do. I'll have copies of The Monarchs, Blue Devil Island, Other Gods, and The Gaki. I'll post an update when things are set in stone.

Read. The Lebo Coven at

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James Robert Smith said...

Oh, but if it HAD been THE LESBO COVEN your sales would have totally rocked!

I can see your agent arguing with you, now.

Agent: "Mark. Instead of "Lesbo Coven", you should call it "The Lebo Coven".

Mark: "My sales would PLUMMET!"