Friday, March 15, 2013

Of Caches and Unpaid Electric Bills

It's been a good week for first-to-finds. Got 20 last Sunday ("Cache au Vin," March 10), one on Wednesday (My First Cache Challenge, GC47FM4), and one yesterday (366 Days, GC47GX9). No first-to-finds today, but after work I did get out to Hagan Stone Park, down near Pleasant Garden, for a little caching and hiking. Not a big hike, but a pleasant one along the Ridge Trail, which is probably my favorite of the many out there. Near its beginning, the trail takes you through a tunnel of pines that extends as far as the eye can see — beautiful in any season, as you can see in the pic with the old dude to the left. And, as you may deduce from the photo above, someone in the great outdoors must have forgotten to pay their electric bill. I couldn't get that blasted bulb to turn on no matter what I did. At least I managed to sign the log. (That there is one of many fun geocaches in the park.)

Maybe it's because it's the Ides of March, but I have to wonder whether someone up and broke the internet today. The work computer, my phone, my home computer, all slower than corn-starched crap — when they're working at all. My phone wound down to a dead halt two or three times today, necessitating resets. I half-suspect Droolie, or perhaps even Frazier, since both of them are known to type unwholesome things on my computer when I'm not looking. Undoing their work can surely be a chore. Above and beyond that, technology just sucks bilge water sometimes, and I so despise that everything we do has become so dependent on it. I have embraced it almost too enthusiastically; too many changes too damned fast, too many evil minds throwing monkey wrenches into the works. Lord, sometimes I long for the days of a good ol' monkey wrench. The better to chuck it at someone, my dear.

I am done.

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