Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cum Park

Kids what live 600 miles away in New York City don't get to hang out with their mum and dad all that often, so it's nice when the young one graces us with a trip to North Carolina. Allison arrived yesterday and stayed the night at Mrs Death's place; today, she came round to torment... er... visit her old man. Grandma came down from Martinsville, Brugger ventured out from her domicile, and we all went out for bison burgers at Ham's. Well, a couple of us had the bison. Then we migrated eastward to visit GlenMarie and Iron Gate Wineries, which was great fun — particularly the drive back through Burlington, where there's this shopping center called Cum Park, see, and... well, yes. I've passed this place numerous times — there's a geocache there — but this particular trip, with this particular crew of juvenile adults, it's not hard to guess how things devolved. All that and worse, it was. We finished up at Simply Thai in Elon, one of my favorite places for Asian cuisine.

Kimberly and I have been watching Prison Break on DVD from Netflix, which has been mightily entertaining, so after dropping the young one back at her mum's, we spent the rest of the evening thus engaged. That, and being smothered by cats. Many, many cats.

And a good night to you too.
A spot of wine with a visitor from a strange land.
A sign of the alpacalypse at GlenMarie Winery.
Droolie in the throes of absolute relaxation

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