Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dwellers in Darkness

Trail caching is always fun, especially at night, and especially when it's an honest-to-god night cache, set up with reflectors, multiple stages, and a few surprises along the way. I put together one such cache last year, out on one of the Greensboro watershed trails, and I periodically like to go out and make sure the reflector tacks and physical stages are in good shape. When I do, it's fun to take some hapless victims along with me, just to see if they can complete the cache and get out of the woods alive. This evening, my friends Shannon (a.k.a. 3Newsomes) and Jeanne (a.k.a. Cantergirl) met me at the trail head to try their luck. Happily, most of the reflectors remained in place, and the stages were in good shape. After surviving "Dweller in Darkness," they thought it might be nice to seek out "Hellraiser," which lurks not very far away. So, off we went to the neighboring trail and hiked out to ground zero. Once there, they made fairly short work of the cache while I went to investigate what looked like reflector tacks along the trail. I was pretty sure the glowing lights weren't tacks but spider eyes, and... sure enough... they belonged to one of the biggest eight-legged critters I've ever seen.

The thing was eating a Hummer.

Good night!
Cantergirl and 3Newsomes signing the log at "Dweller in Darkness"
I saw one eat a rocking chair once.

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