Friday, June 14, 2013

Dark Shadows: Dark Decades

On the way to "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" (GC18NT4)
Mercy, this week has been too busy to blog. A short while back, I posted that I was starting a retrospective article on Dark Shadows ("It's Business Time," May 23, 2013), which, as of tonight, is done and sent out. It proved a big one — over 7K words. Assuming it gets the green light, I'll be hollering all about it, so watch out.

Didn't even get much geocaching in this week. The only day I made it out on the trail, I decided to go for as many stages as I could of one of the few nearby multi-caches I haven't already found — "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" (GC18NT4) — knowing full well I wouldn't be able to complete it, since even at the best of times you need a boat to reach the final stage. However, with all the rain that's swept through here recently, I couldn't even access the penultimate stage without going wading. Snakes, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlies, which I witnessed in abundance, added no appeal to this idea. Now, last night, big old storm drove through the region, knocking down trees and cutting power all over the place, and I was without electricity for seven hours (small beans compared to a bunch of nearby areas, some of which are still out). Since I couldn't do much about cooking my own dinner, I was forced to go have delicious Thai food at Thai Garden on Tate Street. I spent the rest of the evening placing a couple of caches. Even  after that, I had to wait a fair while for power to come back on, but I'm mighty thankful it did, since the house was getting hot and muggy, and the stuff in the freezer and refrigerator was getting perilously near critical mass.

Next up is a new Lovecraftian story to start plotting. Maybe I'll head back out toward Marsha for some inspiration.
Yep, a stage of the cache is out there. I think I heard it laughing at me.

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