Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Spirit and Derring-Do

Say hi to Piotr. Piotr is on guard duty at Casa de Rodan, burning the pre-midnight oil. It was going on time to carve some evil pumpkins, so I made that a priority this evening — along with grilling out the perfect rib eye steak, accompanied by a tater and a monster martini. Just to make sure Piotr earns his keep, I trucked his little round non-existent ass up a good ways up the beech tree in the front yard, while his partner, Porter, is holding down the fort from up in the sweetgum tree by the front porch. Between them, they ought to give potential trespassers all kinds of what for.

I'm thinking some scary music in the house is just the ticket. Me, I'm getting the spirit of the season going big time. I hope you, too, will have a happy, horrifying, hellish Halloween.

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