Thursday, October 31, 2013


My earliest — and most vivid — Halloween memory is probably the Woody Woodpecker "Spook-a-Nanny" special from 1964. I would have been in kindergarten at the time. I'm pretty sure it originally aired on WFMY Channel 2 from Greensboro, as I recall the distinctive North Carolina drawl of the on-air personality — almost certainly Lee Kinard, who was with the station for many decades — excitedly exhorting all the kids to tune in for the "exciting Spook-a-Nanny, coming up next!" That Halloween may well have been my first trick-or-trick outing.

Here 'tis — the first five minutes of it, anyway — and I am glad beyond glad you can find just about anything on YouTube. The full-length cartoon (22 minutes) is also available on YouTube.


James Robert Smith said...

Man. That cartoon sucks.

Mark Rainey said...

Rather. Never said it was good. Just my earliest Halloween memory — though I'm rather fond of it for that reason.