Tuesday, October 1, 2013


UProoted. Can you see the geocache?
(Click image to enlarge.)

Geocaching forever takes me to some mighty neat places, and this past weekend, I found another cool hiking trail a few miles up the road — on the campus of Rockingham Community College, in Wentworth, NC. Several years ago, I did a presentation about creative writing to the writers group there (indoors, not on the trail). The campus is not terribly large, but there's about five miles of trail through the surrounding woods, and they're fairly scenic, with lots of variation in terrain and a rocky creek with a neat little waterfall. Near the trail head, there's a quaint little reconstructed village featuring several structures, some built as far back as the mid-1800s, which were moved from various locations in Rockingham County. A few new caches came out on the trail the other day, and when I went after them, I enjoyed the area so much I put out a couple of my own. Alas, one of them turned out to be too close to another one that had already been hidden but not yet published, so I had to retrieve the container — a nice decon box I found at the Liberty Antique Festival, of all places. I'll head back up there soon enough to put it out in a new location, hopefully free of proximity issues. The other one was published yesterday — "UProoted," it's called (for good reason), and if you have sharp eyes, you might be able to spy it in the photo at left.

Four more cache finds to mini-milestone #6,300. This weekend, no doubt.
The reconstructed village at the trail head. The buildings consist of tobacco factory, a tobacco barn,
a corn crib, and a one-room school house.
The little waterfall along the trail. The nearby cache is aptly named "Not Quite Niagara."

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