Wednesday, January 22, 2014

33% Off — OTHER GODS from Dark Regions

For a limited time, Dark Regions is offering the signed, limited hardcover edition of my short-fiction collection, Other Gods, at a discounted rate of $28 (33% off the $40 cover price). Of my various collections of fiction, this one is probably my favorite, featuring most of my tales of Lovecraftian horror.

"The 16 tales in Stephen Mark Rainey's Other Gods depict an alluring yet macabre world, rendered by one of the horror genre's most vivid imaginations. With settings ranging from the remote backwoods of Virginia to the urban wilderness of Chicago, the veneer of Rainey's world appears familiar, even comforting; yet, beneath its surface ancient, malignant powers lurk, ready to spring forth and destroy any who discover them whether intentionally or inadvertently. Laced with humor and recounted by a captivating voice, the tales in Other Gods wait for you with open arms but beware, for they are also laden with darkness. And in that darkness, danger waits."

"Writer Stephen Mark Rainey has done it again with this brilliantly scary short story collection... The stories and tone of the book put me in mind of Stephen King’s early short story collections."HorrorWatch
"Rainey populates his stories with characters that you may recognize, and not just because some of them appear, or are mentioned, in more than one story. No, they are recognizable because they are our friends, neighbours and loved ones. They are us. Whether it is facing the cosmic dread of the Other Gods, from whom this collection takes its name, or the sideshow atmosphere of Circus Bizarre, it is normal, identifiable, people who are put through the wringer, and it is to Rainey’s credit that he makes us care so much for them in such a short amount of time."HorrorWorld

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