Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Post-Holiday Blues, Recycled

The boys are curious, for they are cats. The Joker is laughing maniacally from the Joker-Mobile!
It's been a while since I've been able to attend a local Geocaching event. For various reasons, I've had to bomb out on the past few I'd hoped to attend, so it was nice to gather again with many of The Usual Suspects this evening at The Moose Cafe in Colfax, which is quite close to my office. This was the 5th Sometimes-Annual Holiday Blues Go Green event, where we have a Dirty Santa gift exchange of mostly "recycled" gifts (read "re-gifted"), which folks just couldn't quite find a place for in their own homes.

I ended up with a Fisher-Price Joker Mobile, which the boys seemed to appreciate. Pity I wasn't able to snag a couple of other items, which would have been fantastic for cats, such as... a stuffed cat... a cat Christmas ornament... and a propeller-driven flying ball. That would have made life at Casa de Rodan quite the hoot.
Night-Hawk and Ms. Loon fight it out over a box, while Skyhawk63 and Cow look on.
L: Punkins19 can't quite process what she's seeing. R: Smashemups is confused too,
so Ranger Fox Googles it.
Lord have mercy, it's Joel Freaking Osteen and his brother. They've been GNOMED!
Night-Hawk was ready to fight someone for this. But...
...he got this instead. Don't let Night-Hawk come to your house to pee—he will leave this in your bathroom!

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