Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday, Good Caching, Good Mollusks

One of my favorite locations at Salem Lake
Good Friday is a good day to be off work, and it's even better when there is good geocaching in the bargain. The weather report called for 80 percent chance of rain today, but since that actually meant warm and sunny with no precipitation whatsoever, I trucked my ass over to Salem Lake, just this side of Winston-Salem, for some hiking and caching. There were three caches out on the trail, all of which I found, involving roughly 3.5 miles of moderate to strenuous hiking. Afterward, I had a powerful thirst and was getting hungry; plus, in downtown Winston Salem, there was a virtual cache awaiting my attention, so I set my sights on old tobacco town. Once done, I decided to wander, and in my wanderings, I discovered King's Crab Shack & Oyster Bar on Fourth Street. What wonders these wanderings wrought, for... holy crap... the oysters on the half shell were powerful good! And the martini wasn't much watered down, if at all. Go, King's!

Tomorrow, I foresee more geocaching, this time eastward. Go east, young man, go east!
Basking turtle
View of Salem Lake from the trail, with downtown Winston-Salem in the distance
I discovered Krankies! I love me some Krankies coffee, oftentimes gifted to me by my brother at holidays,
but I could not have quaffed any more coffee today without the excessive pee resulting.
Oysters on the half shell and a fine martini at King's Crab Shack & Oyster Bar on
Fourth Street in Winston-Salem

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