Monday, March 12, 2018

Heavens, What a Noise!

Do you enjoy audio books? Ms. Brugger loves to listen to them, particularly while driving to and from the office, because having a book to focus on lowers her blood pressure. That's a fine enough reason, but also, for us older folks whose eyes don't hold up to long spells of reading like they used to, the audio book is a great way to fill that gap.

Several of my novels from Crossroad Press are available as audio books from (plus a couple of the Big Finish Dark Shadows audio dramas I wrote, and Intermusings, a collection of stories by various authors co-written with author David Niall Wilson). These books will scare the pants off you, hands-free, and wouldn't that be thrilling? Check them out:

Balak: A Cthulhu Mythos Tale (my first novel), narrated by Erik Synnesvedt
The Lebo Coven, narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla
The Nightmare Frontier, narrated by Basil Sands
The Monarchs, narrated by Chet Williamson

If you opt for a 30-day trial subscription, your first audio book is free, and you get one free audio book per month with your $14.95/month subscription.

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