Saturday, November 20, 2021

Foliage at Last

Fall color took its sweet time arriving this year, but since it finally has, the colors have actually been gorgeous. We're pretty much past the prime here, but some pockets of lush, brilliant hues remain out there. Yesterday after work, I left for the old homestead in Martinsville, but I decided to stop off at a nearby trail to scope it out for a possible geocache hide. It was nice to discover the little pond back there surrounded by colorful trees. It was well on its way to getting dark while I was back there, so I brightened up the color a little in Google Photos — but the hues themselves are very true to what my eyes actually saw.

Once ensconced at Pleasant Hill, I made some dinner — brisket burgers, which were delicious — and set to work on some editing for my upcoming short fiction collection. I ended up getting sidetracked in something resembling a debate on Facebook about Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted on murder charges, but fortunately, it didn't devolve into a shouting match. Still, my brief post expressing frustration with the outcome of the trial was not intended to be an invitation for dissent. But, Facebook being Facebook, I reckon that was inevitable, and while it occupied some time, it could have been worse. I know I should know better, but sometimes, one needs to vent.

Anyway, on the way home this afternoon, I stopped and found a newish cache and maintained one of my own. And now it is time for a Campari spritz.

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